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What is a Z Palette and how do I use it?

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Have you been in your makeup bag or your makeup drawer lately and thought, what the heck is going on and how did it get so messy? Well, look no further, because the solution for you is right here. It’s called a Z Palette and it’s the next best thing to sliced bread. Professional makeup artists swear by it and so do many other every day women.

The Z Palette is the latest in freestyle makeup holders. It’s perfect for those women who crave to be in charge of the makeup colours in their palettes with the freedom to be able to switch them around whenever the mood strikes. Sporting a clear window so that colors can immediately be seen and a magnetic base to hold product inside, it’s the perfect at home or even on the go palette. The Z Palette travels well for those women who are on the road with work or play. Each Z Palette can be customized with not only eye colors, but foundations, blushes, lipsticks that come in little pans and lip glosses. There is no end to the array of product that you can accessorize your Z palette with.

Several sizes of the Z Palette are available. You can see examples to purchase here: There are several different sizes to choose from depending, of course, on many factors. Do you travel a lot and want to have one big Z Palette, are you a crazy makeup gatherer and need more than one, or do you just like to be organized and have one for each color group? Really, the option is up to you. The Z Palette also comes with round metallic stickers that can be used on inserts made of plastic or non-metal substances. The stickers are applied to the back of the pans or trays and when inserted into the Z Palette, stay in place without having to be glued down. This also makes it easy to rearrange your Z Palette or trade out colors and products.

The Z Palette is made from cardboard, which makes it quite friendly for the environment. It comes in many options and colours. The containers of all sizes can fit both square and round pans which make even more perfect for the makeup connoisseur. Have little pans of makeup you want to move to the new Z Palette pans. You’ll find the tool to do de-potting here: There are also videos on YouTube that you can watch to see exactly how it works.

The reviews are in and the ratings are great! Hurry and get your Z Palette today before they are all gone. 

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