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How to do a 1950s style make-up

How to do a 1950s style make-up

1950 makeupSome of the leading icons from the golden age of Hollywood such as Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor represent the epitome of what 1950s make-up looks like. What is great about the classic 1950s look is that it is actually really simple to achieve. The key thing to bear in mind is that when you do this make-up, it looks its best when it is completely flawless. From the matt foundation, to the full red lipstick and liquid eyeliner – follow the steps below to bring some of that old Hollywood glamour back to life!


It is always important to moisturise before you apply make-up, especially when you are looking for a flawless finish as is the case with this look. Apply over the face and neck areas.


The classic look for the foundation in the 1950s had a very flawless and matt finish. Therefore, this look will work best with foundations, which will provide a high coverage, such as a cream foundation, or a liquid foundation that has a high coverage. Also use a matt foundation rather than one with a shiny finish. To achieve this flawless look, you should be looking to use brushes which will give you that airbrushed and soft finish; which will not only look great in person, but will also look great photographed. The kinds of brushes used to give this finish are kabuki foundation brushes. The Nanshy kabuki foundation brushes are great to use for this look, as they come in a set of five, with each brush designed for each aspect of foundation application. From the flat angled buffer brush which gives an even foundation coverage, to the pointed foundation brush which smooth’s out concealer application – the kabuki foundation brushes will help you to produce a perfect 1950s look.


Choose a concealer that’s one shade lighter than your skin tone and apply it with a concealer brush to the under eye area, and any other blemishes and marks on the face. If you have a pointed Nanshy kabuki brush, you can go over these areas gently with the pointed foundation brush to soften any harsh lines created here. You can experiment with concealer palette to get the best possible match.

Translucent powder

To fix the foundation and get rid of any extra shine, apply a translucent powder. For this 1950s look, apply liberally to make sure you have an even and good coverage. Add extra coverage over the eyelids.


The 1950s eye shadow look is very simple. After you have powdered the eyelids with translucent powder, simply apply a white eye shadow over the lids and up to the eyebrow line. Once you have done this, use a black eye shadow with an eye shadow contour brush and draw in a line at the eye socket. Then use a blending brush to ever so slightly soften this black line in the socket.


Liquid or cake eyeliners are ideal to use for this look. As 1950s make-up is so precise, both of these eyeliners will give that clean precise look you are aiming for. Other eyeliners such as kohl pencils give a softer look which may not exactly suitable to use here. For a 1950s-look eyeliner, draw a line on the top of the lashes. Make this line a little thicker in the middle to make the eye appear larger than it is. For the outer corner, the 1950s eye classically had a flick. To do this, simply look at the bottom lashes and the outer corner of the eyebrow, the space between these two points will determine the direction that you want to draw your flick. Start at the outer corner of the top lid, draw a line, and then fill in to give a flick look. Apply a thin natural looking line to the lower lashes.


You can use eyebrow powder, or just a regular eye shadow to fill in your brows. In the 1950s, eyebrows were very strong, and so it would be ideal to use a colour which is the same, or a shade darker, than your natural hair colour. They also loved a very structured brow, so try and fill in the brow, emphasising on making a strong arch shape.


Unlike a lot of modern day blusher, in the 1950s, they didn’t apply their blush with a lot of structure. For this look use a peach powder blush and apply over the cheeks as a flush. This will give the face a pretty flush of colour over the cheek area, but without any strong structure.


During the 1950s, people classically made their lips as round and as red as possible. To do this; first line the lips, making sure that the liner is emphasising the roundness of your lips. Then add colour with the liner all over your lips to ensure that not only the lipstick colour stays on longer, but to add intensity to the colour. Once you have lined the lips, fill with a bright, or deep red lipstick colour. To make the lipstick last longer blot, then reapply. Finally, apply a liberal amount of clear lip-gloss.

False eyelashes

Finally to really add drama to the eyes, add some false eyelashes. The best glue I can recommend for applying the lashes is DUO glue. Once you have applied the lashes, you can always touch up the liquid liner if needed.

I hope you have fun recreating this classic 1950s look! Feel free to post links to your 1950s makeovers for us at BeautyStore4u and for our readers to see!

Products that can be used to recreate this look:

BH Cosmetics Liquid Foundation

Concealer Palette

Blush Palette


eye liner

brow palette

lip gloss

false lashes

How to Create Lovely, Luscious Lips

Let me ask you two questions. First: if you were going to a desert island and you could bring only one makeup item with you, what would it be? Second: if your house was on fire and you have only enough time to grab one item of makeup, which one would you choose?

Image: Lipstick


[Photo credit: Fashionista]


Of course. That was my answer, too. Lipstick is a key beauty essential for most women. It’s the quickest beauty pick-me-up because of the way it adds a pop of colour to your face.

Image: Colourful Lips

Colourful Lips

[Photo credit: BaoMoi]

It’s funny, because even though we love lipstick, we take the least risks with it. I know many women who wear one colour of lipstick every day. Even if they have a spare lipstick in their purse or in the glove compartment of their car, it’s the same shade. At the very most, they might have two or three different shades. You wouldn’t wear the same colour of clothes, day in and day out, so why do you do that with your lipstick?

Your lipstick wardrobe should be just as varied as your clothing wardrobe. This delicious BH Cosmetics 32 Colour Lip Gloss Palette is the snappiest way to update your lipstick wardrobe, and If you want to be really professional about it, you might want to get your hands on their sleek 66 Colour Lip Gloss Palette. You’ll never have to wear the same shade two days in a row. You can mix and match to coordinate your lipstick to your clothes, accessories, or shoes.

Image: BH Cosmetics 32 Lip Palette

BH Cosmetics 32 Lip Palette

[Photo credit: The Glamorous Gleam]

If you want to make your lippy last longer, you should prep your lips beforehand. BH Cosmetics Eye and Lip Primer is gentle enough to be used on the sensitive eye and lip area. If you are going to use it on both your eyes and your lips, be sure to use a clean cotton bud to dip into the pot each time and transfer it to your fingertips before applying.

Using a lip brush to apply lipstick allows for better precision and definition. Coastal Scents has a handy portable Classic Retractable Lip Brush with Natural Fibres and a Classic Retractable Lip Brush with Synthetic Fibres. You can pop these in your purse and touch up anytime.

Here’s a secret trick for how to create lovely, luscious lips. If you want to make your lips look bigger, wear a glossy lip colour. The reflection creates an optical illusion of volume. Apply the colour with a brush just outside the natural lipline and fill it in. Then, dip your index finger into a paler shade, and apply a single dab in the centre of your lower lip.

Image: Glossy Lip Look

Glossy Lip Look

[Photo credit: thefinalist2013]

Do you have any secret tips for applying lipstick? What’s your favourite lip colour? Do you have a signature shade or do you match your lipstick to your mood or your outfit? You can also drop me a line below, to let me know about your desert island makeup choice. If it isn’t lipstick, I’d love to know what you chose instead.

Come back soon for more hot beauty tips. Ciao for now!

How to create seductive, smoky eyes

Nothing quite says glamour like smouldering, smoky eye makeup. It’s the quickest way to update your look from day to night. Say you have to go to a cocktail party straight after work. Maybe someone even sprung it on you at the last minute. What to do?

You probably have the wardrobe side of this all worked out. You have some dangly earrings, a hairbrush, and some volumising spray stashed in your desk specifically for occasions like these. As long as you know how to create seductive, smoky eyes, you’ll be able to pull your look together, and take it from shrinking violet to va-va-voom, in almost no time at all.

Image: Smouldering Eye Makeup

Smouldering Eye Makeup

[Photo credit: BeautyGeeks]

The first step is the most important. You should make sure that you conceal any shadows or bags beneath your eyes, otherwise the dark make-up will make you look haggard. You will also need a primer to prep the area for application, as you don’t want the powder to slip as the night goes on.

BH Cosmetics Correcting Eye Primer will take care of both of those issues in one simple step.

You will need to use several different applicators. The Sonia Kashuk Smoky Eye Brush Set has been specially designed for all the various steps of building a smoky eye. Start by using the biggest brush to apply an eyeshadow that is one shade lighter than your natural skin colour, all over the eyelid, right up to the eyebrow. Then, apply a dark eyeliner near the upper and lower lashline. SHANY Mark It Black Water-based Smudgeproof Liquid Eyeliner is perfect for this as it has a felt-tip for precision application and it won’t budge for the rest of the evening. Stay as close as possible to the lashline and don’t wing the line, as the eyeshadow will do that for you.

Now to choose your colours. You can go with the classic dark grey, blue, and silver, or, if you want to update the smoky eye, you can be a bit more imaginative. If you use brighter, mismatched colours, and finish with a gold tone instead of silver, it creates a warm, subtle rainbow effect. The Coastal Scents Smokey Eye Palette contains 36 perfect shades.

Image: Coastal Scents Smoky Eye Palette

Coastal Scents Smoky Eye Palette

[Photo credit: Beauty Broadcast]

Now it’s time to build the smoky eye. First, use the pointed brush to apply the darkest eyeshadow (one or two shades lighter than the eyeliner) on top of your eyeliner, just in the outermost third of your eye. Then, pick up the other two brushes. The secret is to have two applicators for this stage. You’ll use one to apply, and another one to blend. That’s how you get that perfect airbrushed look.

Imagine that your eyelid is divided into three parts, and start in the outer corner and work your way in towards the centre, getting gradually lighter. Work on both eyes at the same time, filling in one section at a time. This will ensure that your colour is even.

Begin with a dark matte shade, then in the centre of the lid apply a lighter shade, and blend. Finish with a pale iridescent shade in the inner corner of your eyes, and blend again. As long as you do a good job of blending it, it will look absolutely stunning.

Finish the look by curling your eyelashes and applying two or three coats of Coastal Scents Reach Mascara, and highlighting the browbone. Now your eyes are smouldering.

Image: Smoky Eye Makeup

Smoky Eye Makeup

[Photo credit: Trends Mild Make Up]

If you’d like to tell me how you got on with applying the smoky eye, you can drop me a line below. In the next tutorial I’ll be discussing the ultra-glam lip palettes. See you soon!

Polishing your Look Part 2:How to create a sun-kissed look with bronzer

Winter is here. The summer holidays are but a distant memory, and your gorgeous, healthy tan is fading away.

Image: Summer Tan

Summer Tan

[Photo credit: SheKnows]

If you’re not ready to say hello to pale, winter skin, I can show you how to create a sun-kissed look with bronzer. You may not think you’re the type to wear bronzer, but if you know how to apply it correctly, it can make you look absolutely stunning.

The trick to wearing bronzer is even application, and this begins with a good brush. If you are trying to create a tanned look, then you should use a kabuki brush. The Nanshy Pink Synthetic Kabuki Brush is made from synthetic fibres, so it’s cruelty-free. Make sure to tap off any excess bronzer before swirling it lightly on your forehead, nose, and chin, and the apples of your cheeks.

Image: Nanshy Pink Kabuki

Nanshy Pink Kabuki

For a more natural look, you can apply bronzer with the contouring the Coastal Scents Black and Hot Pink Angled Kabuki Brush, which is made from goat hair, or the Coastal Scents Angle Brush. Brush it on as if you are applying blusher. It will define your cheekbones and give you a subtle hint of colour.

If you want to create a really polished look, your go-to kit is the Coastal Scents Sleek Silhouette Highlighter, Blush, Bronzer All in One Palette. Apply the bronzer very sparingly all over your face. Sweep the blusher underneath the cheekbones to create a contouring effect. Then, apply highlighter to the tops of the cheekbones, which gives them a really dimensional look.

Image: Sleek Silhouette Palette

Sleek Silhouette Palette

[Photo credit: Glitz Glam Budget]

Now all of your friends and co-workers will be asking you where you went on holiday. Do please drop me a line below. I would love to hear your makeup secrets, fashion tips, or any other advice for banishing these winter blues. And don’t forget to pop back very soon (before the Christmas parties begin) for the glam smoky eye tutorial!

Polishing your Look Part 1: How to enhance the beauty of your eyelashes

The secret to having truly captivating eyes is to frame them with luxurious lashes. Today I’ll share my tips for how to enhance the beauty of your eyelashes the natural way, or how to fake it.

Image: Pretty Eyelashes

xtreme 0848

[Photo credit: LifeDaily]

Although our eyelashes diminish through wear and tear, new beauty technology is available to help revitalise them. RapidShield Eyelash Daily Conditioner protects and conditions your eyelashes. If you’re after something a little more drastic, RapidLash Eyelash Enhancing Serum is opthalmologically tested and you’ll have thicker, longer lashes in 8 weeks.

Another important secret weapon in our arsenal is an eyelash curler. Never skip this step, it’s not an optional extra. My personal favourite is the Shiseido Eyelash Curler, which is pinch-free and easy to use and to clean. Follow with two or three coats of Coastal Scents Reach Mascara which is long-wearing and smudge-free.

Image: Lovely Lashes

Lovely Lashes

[Photo credit: Nails by Megan]

Another alternative is to wear false eyelashes. If the idea of putting on false eyelashes fills you with dread, don’t be so quickly put off. False eyelashes have been reinvented, and there are quite a few on the market that look so natural, such as BH Cosmetics False Eyelashes in Natural. They’re so feathery and lightweight that no one will ever suspect a thing. If the idea still frightens you, why not try the Ardell Individual Lashes? They’re waterproof and easy to apply, exactly where you need them.

Image: Ardell Individual Lashes

Ardell Individual Lashes

[Photo credit: BeautyStore4u]

So now you know how to enhance the beauty of your eyelashes the natural way, and you know how to fake it. Have you ever tried wearing false eyelashes? Did you love it or loathe it? Drop us a line below. And don’t forget to join me next time for Part 2 of Polishing Your Look, when we’ll talk about bronzers.

How to Apply Gel Eyeliner

The hottest make-up look on the runways this season was a striking, sultry, defined eye. But how does this translate to real life? How can you create such a dramatic look without the assistance of a professional make-up artist, and won’t they turn into with streaky, smudgy panda eyes by the end of the day? There’s a knack to it, and it’s fairly easy to master. Today I’ll show you how to apply gel eyeliner, the hottest new beauty product of the moment. It glides on smoothly and dries almost instantly, creating a perfect line that won’t budge or smudge for the entire day.

Image: Runway Look

Runway Trend

[Photo credit: Fashion Diva Design]

Precise application is key. Use an angled brush, such as the Pink Angle Taklon Liner Brush, or for a finer line, try the Sigma Small Eyeliner Brush. If you really want to make up your eyes like a pro, the Sigma Performance Eyes Kit contains 8 precision tools for applying and blending gel, liquid, and powder eye makeup.

Rinse the brush under running water before use, and squeeze out the excess, shaping the bristles with your fingers.

My favourite for everyday use is the Divine Line Waterproof Gel Eye Liner from Coastal Scents. Its high-pigment formula doesn’t run, fade, or smear, in any weather. Raven, a midnight black, and Java, a luxurious espresso shade, will look elegant and sophisticated with any eye colour. I recommend Lolite, a striking ultramarine blue, for brown or green eyes. Envy is a pretty emerald and will complement blue or brown eyes. If you can’t decide, why not splash out on the 12 Gel Eyeliner Kit by SHANY? With twelve stunning, jewel-coloured shades, you can match your liner to your outfit, your manicure, or even your shoes.

Image: 12 Gel Eyeliner Set by SHANY

12 Gel Eyeliner Set by SHANY

[Photo credit: Crystal Vazquez & Co]

To apply gel eyeliner, dip the tip of the brush into the gel, and wipe the excess against the rim of the pot. Lower the eyelid and tilt your head back slightly, so you can draw the line as near to the lashes as possible. With your free hand, put one finger on the browbone, and pull upwards slightly to tighten the lid before you draw the line. The trick is to start from the outer corner and drag the line in towards your lashline, tapering off as you near the inner corner of your eye. You can draw a winged line, keep it more natural, or even go for a squared-off shape, if you’re the daring type. Remember, the whole idea is to have fun with it.

If the line is uneven, don’t worry, you can go back and touch it up with a smaller brush. Before it dries, you can use a cotton bud to tidy any rough edges. Keep looking downwards for a minute while the liner dries. If you want a more striking look, use a finer brush to paint a line beneath the eyes, starting from the outer corner. Now, go out and wow the world with your dramatic new look.

Image: Gel Eyeliner

Gel Eyeliner

[Photo credit: Pretty Luscious Things]

Have you tried the new gel eyeliners yet? Do you prefer a natural look or something more avant-garde? Tell me all about it below, and don’t forget to come back next week, when I’ll be sharing some top tips for lovely lashes and brows.

How to apply long-lasting makeup

When you apply your make-up, it looks fresh and wonderful, but within a few hours it begins to fade, and by the end of the day it is completely gone. What happens if you have to go to a social event after classes or after work? You might not have time to retouch your face, and besides, wearing makeup on top of makeup can make you look messy or tired. Here is the secret for how to apply long-lasting makeup that stays perfect from day into night: the key is to use a high-quality primer.

Skin is porous, and it begins to absorb makeup from the moment you apply it. Primer creates a thin barrier over the skin, which fills in any lines or unevenness in texture to create a perfectly smooth application base, and prevents the makeup from becoming absorbed, so it lasts much longer.

But that’s not all a good primer can do. Our go-to favourite is BH Cosmetics Foundation Primer, which is enriched with grape seed extract and vitamins A and E, and even provides sun protection. It tightens pores, and blurs imperfections and blemishes, reducing the need for foundation and improving the appearance of your complexion so much that you may choose to wear it by itself on casual days.

It’s simple to apply. First, apply your usual face moisturiser and let it soak in. Then squeeze a small amount of primer onto your fingertips and dot it all over your face. Blend it in, using your fingers. Wait at least a minute before applying your foundation.

Image: Primed and Prepped

Primed and Prepped

[Photo credit: Benjamin Moore’s Chats]

Around the eyes, it’s best to use an eye primer that’s specially designed for the sensitive eye area, and has a slim tip to dispense the product, especially if you wear contact lenses, like I do. Coastal Scents Worx Eye Shadow Primer in Matte or in Shimmer absorbs almost instantly. I also love the BH Cosmetics Eye and Lip Primer, which performs double duty in keeping your eye and lip colour vibrant and crease-free.

Image: Shadow Worx by Coastal Scents

Shadow Worx by Coastal Scents

Now that you know how to apply long-lasting makeup that goes from day into night, what to do about the wardrobe, accessories and shoes? Drop us a line below to let us know your secrets for turning your day look into night. We’d love to hear from you!

How to Create a Natural No-makeup Look Part 2: Striking Eyes, Soft Lips

In Part 1 of the tutorial, we saw ‘How to Create a Natural No-makeup Look’ for a flawless complexion. Now it’s time to emphasise your most beautiful and feminine features: your eyes and your lips. Let’s start with the eyes. The trick is to enhance their natural beauty and brightness and to define their shape, without making them look too made-up.

The first secret to striking eyes is well-shaped eyebrows. Never pluck your own eyebrows. In order to see what you’re doing, you have to be too close to the mirror, and you won’t be able to see how their shape fits with your whole face. Always have them professionally waxed or threaded. Groom your brows with Sonia Kashuk Brow Gel, which will set them and make them look healthy. Then apply a good eye primer to the lids.

Image: Striking Eyes, Soft Lips

Striking Eyes, Pretty Lips

[Photo credit: Sodahead]

Primers used to be a well-kept secret of makeup artists, but nowadays they are a staple of every savvy girl’s beauty kit. Eye primers prep the skin for smoother application, which makes your eye makeup last longer, but BH Cosmetics Correcting Eye Primer goes a step further. Not only does its silky, waterproof formula prevent creasing and fading, but it also contains subtle, warming tones to balance redness or bluish circles, which leaves you the option of skipping the eye-shadow altogether, as we’re going to do today, to keep things really light and pure.

Take a BH Cosmetics Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil in brown or black and draw a line as close as you can to your lash-line on the upper and lower lid. On the top lid, only line from the centre of the eye to the outer corner, and under the eye, only pencil in the outermost third. Then take a cotton bud and run it gently over the line you’ve drawn. That will make your eyes pop, but it will look completely natural.

Image: Beach Look

Fashion shot of beautiful blonde woman on the beach in Hawaii

[Photo credit: She Knows]

Your next secret weapon is the Shiseido Eyelash Curler. Curling your lashes makes your eyes look much bigger and more defined. When applying the natural, no-makeup eye look, it’s very important that before you curl your eyelashes, you must first wipe your eyelash curler with some cotton wool soaked in eye make-up remover and then wash the curler thoroughly with soap and water and dry it. Otherwise there may be eye shadow on the curler from previous usage, which may leave unsightly smudges on your eyelids. Apply two coats of Coastal Scents Reach Mascara.

The finishing touch on the natural look is soft, pretty lips. For this you should create a lip stain. For a lip stain, you can choose any colour you like, as long as it’s a matte or creamy shade. Don’t use a shimmery lip colour for this trick. The BH Cosmetics 32 Colour Lip Palette has a diverse selection of shades, and you can even customise your own shade. Paint on two coats with a brush. Be accurate in terms of where you apply it. Stay within the lip line, but apply a little too much. Leave it on for about a minute, before take a facial tissue and folding it in half. Bite it between your lips. Do it a few times until most of the lipstick is gone, and just a natural blushing colour remains. This gives you kiss-proof colour that should stay put for most of the day. Apply a good lip balm on top to add softness and a touch of shine.

Image: BH Cosmetics Lip Palette

BH Cosmetics Lip Palette


[Photo credit: 15 Minute Beauty Fanatic]

Join me next time to find out about the two hottest beauty products that you thought you could live without. And don’t forget to share your eye and lip makeup tips below!

How to Create a Natural No-makeup Look Part 1: Complexion and cheeks

Note: This is the part 1 on how to create a natural no-makeup look

It’s no secret that women wear make-up, but there are times when we don’t want it to be all that obvious. Say you’re going on a date on a sunny day, and you know your guy is taking you on a boat ride or for a picnic in the park. You want to look gorgeous, without looking too made-up. Or you have a job interview and you want to look your best under the harsh office lights, but you also want to be taken seriously.

The first secret for creating a natural, no-makeup look, particularly when it comes to creating a perfect complexion, is to use high quality cosmetics and brushes. Lots of people spend a lot of money on make-up, and then they just use any old brush. It’s worth investing in a quality set of brushes, such as the Nanshy Luxury Makeup Brush Set, which has 13 brushes for your eyes, face, and lips. The brushes have non-shedding, antibacterial bristles and all come tucked into a stylish white clutch.

Image: Nanshy Brushes

Nanshy Brushes

[Photo credit: Nanshy]

A perfectly beautiful complexion begins the night before. Check if your makeup brushes are clean. Touch the bristles, and if they feel sticky or stiff, they need a wash. Dirty brushes don’t distribute the product evenly, and you’ll end up with clumpy, cakey make-up. Wash them with warm water and shampoo and leave them to dry overnight. If you have sensitive skin, like I do, the harsh chemicals can break you out, so I recommend the Coastal Scents Brush Shampoo Cleanser. Its gentle formula contains soothing aloe.

Make sure you get your beauty sleep. Before going to bed, drink a glass of water and spray your face with a moisturising mist. After applying your usual moisturiser, hyper-moisturise any dry areas on your face and body with all-natural Unrefined Shea Butter from Coastal Scents.

When it’s time to put on your make-up, apply it in natural daylight. Start by moisturising just as you normally would, then apply a thin layer of BH Anti-shine Serum all over your face. The serum stops your face from becoming oily, which is particularly important if you’re going to be out in the sun or doing anything active, because we’re not going to use powder for this look.

Next, pour some BH Cosmetics Liquid Foundation in the palm of your hand, and mix it with a few drops of your facial moisturiser. This will give you lighter coverage with a dewy, natural look. That’s why we don’t want to use powder, as it will cancel out the dewy glow. This should provide enough coverage, but if any flaws or blemishes remain visible, apply concealer. Concealer is the biggest culprit in ruining the natural, no-makeup look. Don’t make the mistake of using one concealer all over your face, as each area of your face is a slightly different tone. Coastal Scents Camo Quad in Light or Dark contains 4 shades to match your complexion exactly. You can also blend them to make custom shades. Apply the concealer with a brush, and blend it in by tapping lightly with your ring finger. Only apply a little at a time. Don’t apply it under the eyes, as we have a special secret weapon for that in part 2.

Image: Coastal Scents Camo Quads


[Photo credit: misspixielulu]

Now your complexion looks flawless, and all you need is to add a hint of colour to give you that healthy glow. Open your Coastal Scents Sleek Silhouette Highlighter, Blush, & Bronzer All-in-one Palette, and put a little bit of blush on the brush. Again, don’t be afraid to customise the shade. Swirl the brush on a tissue to remove any excess. Rather than contouring, you want to create a natural glow, as if you’re really blushing. Smile, and circle the brush on the apple of the cheek. Then sweep it lightly up towards the hairline. Use a clean brush to apply highlighter sparingly to your cheekbones, just enough to accent them.

Image: Blush Application

Young Woman Applying Blush to Cheeks

[Photo credit: truthinaging]

If you have any questions or top tips for creating the natural, no-makeup look, please share them below. And don’t forget to join me for Part 2, when we’ll create bright, sparkling eyes and soft, pretty lips.

Using Real Techniques UK Makeup brushes for the perfect finish – part 2

Real Techniques

Welcome to the second part of Introduction of Real Techniques UK brushes.

Real Techniques UK brushes are designed by the professional Makeup Artist Samantha Chapman. These synthetic brushes are hand cut and made to give you the best look that you can get.

Real Techniques Fine Liner Brush

Real Techniques fine liner brush is a versatile tool and can use it to blend pencil liner into the lashes for a more dramatic look and you can always use it damp to line your eyes with powder eyeshadow for a much softer look than your regular eyeliner brush. Our brush with synthetic bristle to keep those lines precise. and give you the look that you always desired.

Real Techniques Fine Liner Brush

Real Techniques Lash and Brow groomer
Our Real Techniques Lash and Brow groomer is the typical little plastic brow brush comes complete with a lash comb on the other side,and these work great for smoothing the brow and separating blobs of mascara.

Real Techniques Lash and Brow Groomer

Real Techniques Stippling Brush
Our Real Techniques Stippling Brush can create a look that you will be amazed. you can use this brush to apply liquid foundation or cream foundation and it will give you the airbrushed look that you always wished.

Real Techniques Stippling Brush

Real Techniques Setting Brush
The setting brush is one of the latest family members in real techniques brush family. You can use this synthetic brush can be used with creams: buffing concealer and blending cream highlighters.

Real Techniques Setting Brush

Real Technique brushes are designed to give you the most glamorous look and luxurious comfort. the brushes are made with ultra plush synthetic bristles give you a high-definition plus the Extended aluminium ferrules is easy and is light to use.

We at beautystore4u are happy to say that now Real Techniques brushes are available at our store click here to get your brushes today. If you haven’t read part one of this post click here