Bdellium Tools 12 pc. Maestro Brush Set

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Add the Most Comprehensive Professional Grade Brush Set to Your Home Beauty Collection!

The Bdellium Maestro series brush set raises the beauty bar with a sleek design and excellent versatility. Each tool includes a sturdy wooden handle in black with a durable nickel plated brass ferrule. Let your creativity run wild by trying out this exciting 12 piece makeup brush set!

Experience the handcrafted quality of Bdellium's Maestro series by adding your basic layers with the conveniently sized foundation brush. This set also includes slanted contour, natural powder and all-purpose blusher brushes so you can enhance highlights and reduce shadows. Outline eyes with the precision liner or use the standard liner for quick enhancements. Your favourite colours will look even better when you apply them with the large and small shadow brushes.

Natural, smooth textures will give you better results that don't appear overdone. The Bdellium Maestro brush set is equipped with a tapered blending tool so you can produce a stunningly seamless look. Build detail and definition with the angled brow and pencil brushes then set your work of art using the soothingly soft finishing brush. Introduce the best makeup brushes to your home beauty collection with this extensive 12 piece Bdellium Maestro set!