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Bdellium Tools 15 pc. Yellow Bambu Makeup Brush Set

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Bdellium Tools 15 pc. Yellow Bambu Makeup Brush Set

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Bdellium's Makeup Brush Set May Be Yellow, but Deep Down it's Among the Greenest of Beauty Products.

Bdellium's 15 piece makeup brush set is proof that you can look fabulous and still care about the world. This brilliant collection comes in sunny yellow and offers a design that's as Earth-friendly as it gets. You'll love the texture of each smooth, renewable bamboo handle in your fingers as well as that warm, happy feeling that comes with doing the right thing for the environment.

This enormous collection gives you 15 professional grade tools nestled into one convenient roll up pouch! Treat your eyes to a whole new look by experimenting with the small shader, eyeliner, lash, small angle and duet fibre shader brushes. Your cheeks will simply glow after applying blush or bronzer with the AP blusher brush. Don't forget to hide away blemishes with the concealer, pointed foundation and small foundation brushes. This exciting Bdellium Tools set also includes a bold lip brush, tapered blending brush, powder brush, pencil tool, finishing brush, and sponge applicator. Discover many of Bdellium's best makeup brushes in one massive Earth-friendly collection!