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Bdellium Tools 555u Retractable Lip Brush

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Bdellium Tools  555u Retractable Lip Brush

Our Retractable Lip Brush Will Give Your Lovely Lips a Kissable Makeover!

The best retractable lip brush gives you more ways to be creative with your beautiful smile! Take one look at the cool glint of chrome featured on this must-have makeup tool and you don't have to use anything else. Our Bdellium retractable lip brush includes a dark pliable tip that hugs your lips so you get even, deep coloring every time. The 6 inch length is easy to handle so you can work top and bottom to perfection. Feel confident when you pucker up with this antibacterial lip brush!

Let your pout get all the attention by applying makeup with our sleek retractable lip brush! The professional grade design provides:

  • Even, reliable application for excellent results
  • Metallic handle that gives off a glorious silver shimmer
  • Antibacterial bristles so your lips stay clean and beautiful
  • Retractable design for quick application and easy storage

Try the Bdellium retractable lip brush today and discover more ways to define your smile!