Bdellium Tools 925 Bambu Green Fan Brush

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Kick Stray Powder to the Curb with Our Earth-Friendly Bdellium Green Bambu Fan Brush!

Bdellium Bambu Duet Fibre 925 makeup brushes keep you in control of what stays on your face. Excess powder is no problem when you have this beauty tool on hand. The wide fan shape can be gently brushed over skin to free powder overflow without ruining the makeup that you want to stay put. Clean up quickly so you can look fabulous without the fallout!

Bdellium tools green bamboo brushes are a win-win for you and the planet. The handle is constructed out of renewable bamboo so you get the same comfortable grip without consuming precious natural resources. The super soft synthetic bristles are 100% vegan and hypoallergenic so your sensitive skin stays happy!

Treat your face to an eco-friendly makeover! Bdellium green Bambu fan brushes offer:

  • Soft bristles that are 100% vegan and hypoallergenic
  • Strong sustainable bamboo handle in vibrant green
  • Cruelty-free construction from start to finish
  • Glinting aluminium ferrule that is completely recyclable
  • Wide fan shape that won't smudge makeup

Try Bdellium green Bambu brushes today and look gorgeous while you support the planet!