Bdellium Tools 957 Studio Precision Kabuki

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Try our Bdellium Tools 957 Brush and Discover Makeup Perfection at Home!

The best makeup brushes will take your style to a whole new level. Beauty perfection is a two part equation, with one part being good makeup and the other a quality tool to put it on with.

Look gorgeous by applying your favorite blush with our Bdellium 957 professional makeup brushes! Bdellium's products are designed for superb precision that provides even coverage right where you want it. Your cheeks will love the luxurious caress of each soft bristle as it gently glides from side to side. The Bdellium tools studio line are antibacterial so your clean skin stays that way!

Introduce your vanity bag to Bdellium professional makeup brushes today and discover the difference with:

  • Vibrant lacquered wood handle with smooth sides and sleek chrome tip
  • Dense, flat bristle shape for an effect that looks professionally applied
  • A brush that works with all your favorite products, including creams, liquids and powders
  • Antibacterial agent that keeps bristles pristine and safe to use on sensitive skin

Achieve beauty perfection at home by adding the Bdellium 957 blush brush to your makeup bag today!