Bdellium Tools 995 Maestro Kabuki Brush

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Experience the Luxury and Perfection of Bdellium's Masterful Maestro Series!

The Bdellium 955 overall face brush will pamper your delicate skin with a design that is truly timeless. The roots of this practical beauty tool date back centuries to the era of Japanese kabuki theatre. Actors would decorate their faces with white powder, which created a need for a makeup brush that provided full, flawless coverage.

Today the best kabuki brushes are found at home as well as behind the stage. Many women adore this broad bristled applicator as a convenient way to put on foundation, blush and powder products. Bdellium's version is hand crafted and fortified with a strong nickel plated brass ferrule.

Discover the classic quality of Bdellium kabuki brushes! This luxurious model features:

  • Powerful nickel plated brass ferrule with a highly polished shine
  • Large, broad bristle head that provides full coverage
  • Professional grade quality in a timeless makeup applicator
  • Antibacterial agent applied to each bristle

Try Bdellium's Maestro Series overall face brush and take your beauty regimen to a whole new level!