BH Anti Shine Serum 20ml

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ANTI SHINE SERUM is a solution to your oily skin. The unique formula contains Silica Shells for oil absorption without any moisture loss.
If you are looking for best makeup for oily skin then our Anti Shine Serum is a great answer. This womens and mens anti shine serum will make your face matte, refreshed and soft.
The anti shine gel is designed for any skin type, to make sure it's right for you.

How to use Anti-Shine Face Serum?
Place a small amount on your fingertip. Gently rub over shiny areas of your face that are prone to excessive oils. Use before or after your mosturiser. Use as often as needed. Once applied if will work for you all day.
How long will this serum last for?
The bottle contains 30ml of product. Depending on your usage average supply based on customers feedback is 60 days.