Are Real Techniques Brushes Synthetic?

Are Real Techniques Brushes Synthetic?

Posted by Paris Williams on 24th Sep 2015

If you have landed on this page it means that you are planning to get some new brushes. Wether it be an addition to your brush collection or your first set you should know the important answer to the question - Are real techniques brushes synthetic?

Are Real Techniques Brushes Synthetic

Types of bristles:

There is two types of bristles used to make cosmetic brushes. It could be natural or synthetic hair. At first it may be hard to say the difference between the two but I'll try to explain it for you the best I can. Natural brushes are made from different types of animal hair:

  • goat

  • squirrel

  • badger

  • sable

  • pony

  • etc

Up until now these have been favoured for applying powder products due to an even distribution. Therefore you may find many kabuki brushes made from goat hair. Regarding the hygienic issues you will have to make sure you wash them regularly as these are much more prone to collect bacteria, dead skin, etc.

These above are only few examples why Samantha Chapman along with Paris Presents(company behind it all) decided to focus on making Real Techniques Brushes SYNTHETIC ONLY. Not just any hair but Taklon - very soft. Benefits of Synthetic Brushes:

  • 100% cruelty free
  • same or better results than natural hair
  • environmental friendly
  • easy to clean

If I haven't convinced you yet then you can check out for more interesting explanation on why not to use products that are tested on animals. More and more beauty brands are turning to synthetic brushes as this is the demand set buy customers.TIP! Not so long ago a new UK beauty brand Nanshy has landed with a range of makeup brushes and beauty tools. If you have not heard of them it's time for you to check the website - All its products are also Vegan, cruelty free and they are part of What is you favourite brush type and brand? Do you use brushes at all? Share your comments below: