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Concealer Palette CorrectMe - 15 Corrector Colours + Blending Kabuki Brush

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Mirror, mirror on the wall - You're the most beautiful of 'em all!

Yup, that's true! True beauty is all, but right here, as you use our Concealer Palette that helps you to camouflage almost all of the known skin blemishes, scars and related issues within a matter of a few minutes!

No matter what your skin tone is, with a wide range of colour options, you can always choose from a multitude of options to conceal the marks and flaws that taint your skin. From light beige to dark brown you have them all in the palette of 15 different true-to-tone shades! These innovative colours are completely natural in their look and feel and are completely oil free too.

In case you are bothered by the dark circles or are being overwhelmed by those nasty little scars that don't deem good on your face, this is the moment that you should get rid of them and flaunt off your style with complete confidence.

Concealer Palette Provides:

  • 15 varied shades, with reinforced colours that help diminish flaws- whereby natural shades provide complete resonance with your skin tone
  • A long-lasting clever combination of soft and warm colours that help blend in the various environments, helping you appear lighter and brighter than any other concealer you can find around
  • A flawless skin tone and a smudge and oil-free makeup base that restore your confidence as you go to places


Kabuki brush is an ultimate brush for any product application. Its compact size will fit perfectly in your makeup bag.