Ecotools Bamboo Eye Shading Brush

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Eye makeup can be tricky as under-eye circles and imperfection around your eyes can make smooth and even application problematic with regular brushes. Thankfully, the Ecotools Bamboo Eye Shading Brush comes to your rescue. It is a multi-purpose tool that features a dense cluster of synthetic Taklon bristles that are soft and durable. Its head size is perfect for sweeping on concealer, and narrow enough for controlled detailing.

The Ecotools bamboo eye shading brush is one of the best eye makeup brushes available today. It is lightweight due to its sleek bamboo handle and recycled aluminum ferrule. This eye brush is great for shading, highlighting, and blending. You can gently apply eyeshadow to your eyelids or creases, and blend it towards your brow bone for high definition.

One of the only cosmetic brushes brands to have an eco-sensitive side, Ecotools donates a part of its sales to environmental organizations. Get yourself this high-utility ecotools bamboo eye shading brush today!


  • Ecotools bamboo eye shading brush for complete eye makeup
  • Great for dry as well as wet makeup application
  • Perfect head size for sweeps, as well as controlled definition
  • Lightweight bamboo handle, recycled aluminum ferrule and synthetic Taklon bristles
  • Comes in a reusable cosmetic pouch

Product Includes:

  • 1 x Ecotools Bamboo Eye Shading Brush