Nanshy Angled Detailer Eye Brow & Liner Makeup Brush

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Nanshy's angled detailer brush brings you optimum precision in a long lasting beauty tool!

The right angled detailer brush will give you the even, flawless coverage you want in a tool that's comfortable and easy to guide. Nanshy's version features an ideal angle that glides easily along the lash line. Spice up your style with fabulous colours that show up right where you want them to be. Simply dab the luxurious bristle head into your favourite makeup and apply!

Nanshy angled detailers are handmade to high standards. Each includes a sturdy wood handle covered in a gorgeous pearl finish. The vegan-approved bristles stay put so you never have to content with stray hairs. You can enjoy the soothing sensation of a soft touch in a precision beauty tool that will last a very long time!

Treat your eyes to a beautiful makeup design applied by Nanshy's luxurious angled detailer brush!


  • Beautiful wooden handle covered in a pearl finish
  • Enticingly soft synthetic bristles
  • Vegan-approved design that helps the planet and your look
  • Clean angle that gives you excellent control
  • Hand-assembled and extensively tested


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