NANSHY Blending Eyeshadow Brush

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Achieve a natural look with Nanshy's vegan-approved blending eyeshadow brush!

Soften lines and reduce dramatic color transitions with Nanshy's blending eyeshadow brush! This practical beauty tool features vegan-friendly bristles that are oh so soft. Your skin will love the gentle sensation of each sensual bristle as it glides along, carefully enhancing your finest colour combinations without irritating skin. Easily blend along eye shadow lines to produce a natural pattern with no harsh or distracting borders.

Every Nanshy makeup brush is made to high standards using materials that will last. A smooth wooden handle with a luxurious pearl finish offers a comfortable grip that enhances precision. The reliable ferrule prevents shedding so all your bristles remain attached and ready to work! Simply apply your shadow then begin blending with expert precision and control.

Polish your eye shadow design with Nanshy's U.K.-made blending eye shadow brushes!


  • Sleek wood handle with pearl finish
  • Vegan-friendly bristles that are oh so soft
  • Bristle head that's perfect for smoothing colour transitions
  • Antibacterial properties that promote cleaner skin
  • All brushes are handmade. Tested in the U.K.


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