NANSHY Flat Definer Brush

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Refine your beautiful lines with Nanshy's flat definer brush!

A flat definer brush must be accurate, slender and provide total control. Drawing lines along lashes can be a challenge. Uneven widths, makeup overflow and stray angles can detract from your finished appearance. Nanshy has created a reliable flat definer brush that produces a slim highlight that will make your eyes look simply fabulous!

Along with excellent control and precision, Nanshy has also give its flat definer antibacterial qualities to keep your skin sanitary and healthy. The pearlescent wood handle provides a comfortable grip so you can easily work around both eyes for a look that's both symmetrical and gorgeous. Finish your beauty tool kit with a flat definer brush that feels just as good as it looks!

Stay eco-friendly with a luxurious flat definer brush hand crafted by Nanshy!


  • Strong wood handle covered in a lovely pearl finish
  • Vegan-approved bristle head that's soft and sensual
  • Even, flat shape for excellent coverage
  • Keeps skin healthy with antibacterial properties
  • Assembled and tested


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